Sebb Aston – Tell Ya Now (Colors Remix)

13 06 2015


New remix for you !!

Check it out!

Please like and share as well !!





The Flat Tonight !!

5 06 2015


Playing tonight at The Flat! Check out the event!

Come by for a super dope funky dance hiphop techno dance party !!





Just Kiddin – Thinking About It Remix

21 05 2015



Here is a new remix of one of my favorite songs!

Check it out! Let me know what you think!




The Flats

13 04 2015


The Flats BK April 14th flyer


Playing tomorrow April 14th at The Flats, Brooklyn!

Hope to see you tomorrow night!




D4NZ 365 Podcast 06

30 01 2015



The new D4NZ 365 Podcast 06 is up!

Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Still deciding if I should do less talking on the podcast and

strictly play just music. Let me know what you think is better,

more talking or less. Also, I have changed Dance 365 to

D4NZ 365 since I don’t strictly like to adhere to just Dance music.

I like to venture out sometime play Rock, Soul, etc.

Also, psychologically, I feel if I keep the name Dance 365,

I would be strongly pushing just dance music, which I don’t want

listeners to think this music is just for dancing.

This music is for everything, dancing, walking, just listening, for

the office, the gym, the park, etc.

Also, the name D4NZ 365, sounds more futuristic as well.

As if it’s a name of a spaceship to take you on a musical journey!

So I changed the name to D4NZ 365.

See you soon!




Highline Ballroom – Birthday Event on January 9th!!

1 01 2015




I will be playing at Highline Ballroom on January 9th 11pm-1am as

opening act for Lohrasp Kansara at the Cirque Friday event.

January 9th is the day of my birthday so I hope to see you all there!!

The last event on December 26th show was not such a high turn out but

I hope you will come show support.  I’ve been in New York for roughly

2 years now, but I’ve met some absolutely great, sincere, and warmhearted

people! I am very thankful in meeting every one of you and hope you will

continue to be a part of my life in 2015 and beyond -forever!! Hope to

celebrate the start of the New Year of 2015 on January 9th with you!!




Happy New Year!!

1 01 2015




To start off the New Year here is a non-stop 2 hour special mix for you!!

A little too much reverb and delay, however, I was extra hyped making the mix!!

Lessons learned from recording! Persistence is key for me.

I won’t be making that many mixes for early 2015, however,

I will be doing more remixes and originals!