Setting a Deadline

21 04 2014


While setting a deadline is good in some cases,

not meeting the deadline can lead to disappointment,

anxiety, and stress. I seek for the best in everything I do,

however, the 100 workout days deadline for the year of 2014 is too

demanding. In the past months I have had minor ankle and

back injuries, and I’ve decided to do away with setting a

goal for the 100 workout days. Not that I won’t be working out

on a regular basis, its just not my primary goal and don’t want

to be hassled with anxiety and stress when its not needed.


My primary goal has always been to update my success as a music producer/

singer/ songwriter/ DJ. So for the better half of 2014, I will be

primarily blogging about producing music, creating music, or anything

related with music. I am producing an Electronic Dance EP album,

with 4 or 5 songs for 2014, since this is my primary focus. Currently, I am

in the phase of recording, writing, and producing the album. I am greatly

excited about the project, and I will keep everyone updated

about it as well!