On My Mind

3 07 2015


Check it out!

Hope you have a great day!








21 06 2015


Check out the new song!

Its a very special song I made!

I hope you like it!






Dance 365 Podcast 2

18 11 2014



Check out the new mix.

I’m behind on releasing the EP!

However, I’m working very hard!

For now, please have a listen to the new mix above!

See you soon!




Dance 365 Radio 1

15 09 2014




Hi Everyone!

Starting the Fall with the new Radio Podcast – Dance 365

Feel free to check it out on SoundCloud and follow!

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1st Single from the New EP

5 09 2014


Hey! (single)

Hey! 1st Single from the New EP – L.O.V.E


Getting ready to release the 1st single from the new EP!

Excited to share it with you soon!

Hope to keep you updated and will be posting

more info on it here, so be sure to check it out!