Sebb Aston – Tell Ya Now (Colors Remix)

13 06 2015


New remix for you !!

Check it out!

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Nervo – “You’re Gonna Love Again” Remix

16 01 2013

Made a remix of Nervo’s “You’re Gonna Love Again”


Check it out and feel free to watch it on youtube or DL on soundcloud:

At the Bar Skit

1 03 2012

The skits are comin together.

Colors is late to meet Gary and stumbles into Z Bar.

They both head out to Tokyo for the Space Rock Concert.

What awaits them is yet to come…

The song “Dancing in Tokyo” is almost done!!


(Footage from Star Wars bar scene)

At the Bar Skit

The Tunnel

16 09 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot! In Japan!

Today was another hot day.

I found this artwork on the way to work.

I love the colors and excitement I find here.

Have a good one.