Dance 365 Podcast 2

18 11 2014



Check out the new mix.

I’m behind on releasing the EP!

However, I’m working very hard!

For now, please have a listen to the new mix above!

See you soon!





The Tunnel

16 09 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot! In Japan!

Today was another hot day.

I found this artwork on the way to work.

I love the colors and excitement I find here.

Have a good one.



28 08 2011

Went to Disneyland yesterday for the summer holiday.

This is a photo from the Monster Inc ride…

Tokyo Disneyland was fun but the wait for the big rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Splash M, and Space M, etc.,

suupppper long!!!

Don’t like waiting in line, so if anybody is planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland,

I would advise going on a weekday if possible.

Have a blessed day!