D4NZ 365 Podcast 06

30 01 2015



The new D4NZ 365 Podcast 06 is up!

Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Still deciding if I should do less talking on the podcast and

strictly play just music. Let me know what you think is better,

more talking or less. Also, I have changed Dance 365 to

D4NZ 365 since I don’t strictly like to adhere to just Dance music.

I like to venture out sometime play Rock, Soul, etc.

Also, psychologically, I feel if I keep the name Dance 365,

I would be strongly pushing just dance music, which I don’t want

listeners to think this music is just for dancing.

This music is for everything, dancing, walking, just listening, for

the office, the gym, the park, etc.

Also, the name D4NZ 365, sounds more futuristic as well.

As if it’s a name of a spaceship to take you on a musical journey!

So I changed the name to D4NZ 365.

See you soon!







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