Happy New Year!

4 01 2014


Wishing everybody a Happy New Year! May this year

be filled with Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness! I’ve been

rephrasing and repeating this message in all my New Year’s

messages, but I really do feel that its important that overall

everyone has a happy year. Out of all that life has to offer, I

think being happy and content with life is most important.

So, I hope this resonates and I hope everyone happiness.


I am sure everyone has their own New Year’s resolution, as

for myself I have set myself a goal of doing 50 songs and

100 workout days. I know this is not such an easy task to

accomplish, especially 50 songs, however, whether full or

half completed, I am planning on uploading them on

youtube or instagram, or of the like. The songs, are going

to be cover and original songs, and since it is such a large

number, that means I have to come up with 1 song a week,

the songs may only be half finished or complete. As for the

covers, I hope I can bring something unique to the video by

incorporating something different  since there are enough

cover songs out there. And for the covers, I hope I can help

teach other people how to play as well. I never have been the

best at teaching people how to play guitar but I think it would

be a good challenge to actually try to help others learn the

songs as well for the cover songs.


So there it is! This is my New Year’s resolution, or more so

self-note, but above all I hope I can be of benefit and service

to YOU! Whoever, wants to learn! Or is interested in seeing

us/ me perform! Oh, also, I forgot to  mention, I will be doing

a 100 workout days, which means either exercising at the gym

or running outside on instagram @kennycolors if any of you are

interested in watching myself get fit, I hope this can motivate or

inspire others to get fit with me as well! And also, thinking about

starting headbands, more so a hachimaki apparel! So, maybe that

will come up in the blogs to come too!   Well, adios!


Hope to see you all soon!








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